Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Committee Reports & General Announcements

On this last meeting before our Christmas party, we heard from three committees. Rick Williams reported from the Public Relations Committee. He discussed plans for getting the word out in the community about Rotary work and projects. He said we need to develop close relationships with every media outlet to make sure the positive things Rotary contributes to the community gets some mention. Rick talked about press releases and invitations to reporters to hear speakers who talk about topics of broad community interest. Scott Lowe reported from the Speaker and Facility committee. They are needing a speaker's chair for next June. Because of the results of a members survey about a year ago, Scott's committee looked at alternative meeting sites for our club. He discussed four viable alternatives but the committee recommended that we stay at the Bowling Green Country Club at least for now. They hired a new food service director about six months ago and there is nearly unanimous agreement that the quality of the food has improved dramatically in that time. Ben Smith gave us the news and recommendations from the Finance Committee. The bottom line is that dues will increase $10 a month beginning in January. Ben also said that we will be looking for fund raisers to help build our reserve back up. Thanks to all of the presenters and their committees for jobs well done. Club President Kevin Mays announced that there will be no meeting of our club December 30 and the first two meetings in January will be at the Carroll Knicely Center.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Local Business Leaders on Values Panel

Program Chair Margaret Curtis presented club member Joe Davis. Joe seen on the right of this photo moderated a panel of local small business owners who talked about operating a business using values that Rotarians incorporate in the 4 Way Test. From left are Russell Hopper who is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and operates Questhouse. This is a facility that treats persons with addictions. The lady in the photo is Tressia Bandy. Locals see her on TV selling the mattresses that the family business manufactures right here in B.G. Carl Chaney is the gentleman in the white shirt. Carl is a dairyman who expanded into added value marketing and agritourism a few years ago. He and his wife Debra opened an ice cream parlor on the corner of their farm near the Woodburn community in southern Warren County. They received the 2008 Small Business of the Year award from the Chamber of Commerce. Joe Davis on the right owns Gerald Printing. It was a delight to hear from all of these business owners.
One of the things I brought away from the discussion was how important members of the extended family were to these people. Tressia said her grandmother took the time to encourage her everyday. I asked if her grandmother lived with her and she replied "she lived next door". Joe was raised by an Aunt and Uncle and Carl by his grandmother. Russell says that a lot of people today do not have a core value system. Obviously the four people on our panel were instilled with essential moral values from an early age by key people in their lives. This was such an inspiring program and we thank each of the panel members for taking part of their day and sharing with us.

Friday, October 2, 2009

District Governor Chuck Cicchella Visits

We were honored to have our current District Governor Chuck Cicchella visit our club this week. Chuck had a very up beat take on the future of Rotary in our District. I especially liked plans for our District Conference to be held at Holiday World. Chuck said the meeting will be dedicated to the memory of our own Janette Boehman's Dad, Tom Duncan Reed. Tom was well known in Rotary International and by Rotarians around the world.

The photo above is a presentation by the District Governor to our own Club President Kevin May. It is some kind of promissory gift for a country ham but I missed the details. Chuck did say that Kevin had been a big help to him and had come up with the idea of a District Conference at Holiday World. Chuck said last year's conference in Frankfort was poorly attended. Hopefully this next conference will be a lot of fun and better attended.

Rachel Reetzke in Chengdu China

Rachel spoke to our club a few weeks ago. A summary of her visit can be accessed by requesting it from the blog archives. Rachel had problems with her Power Point presentation that day and said she would forward some of the photos from her experience in China. Thank you Rachel for these great pictures.

Rachel Reetzke at Chengdu Autism Center

Rachel Reetzke w Group of Chinese Students

Rachel Reetzke at Great Wall of China